Event Highlights in the Carinthian Winter

In Austria’s sunny south, visitors can expect numerous events full of skiing and other sports activities, as well as traditional festivities.

Ski before 9am with Franz Klammer

Skiing before 9 on three dates

Skiing “Emperor” Franz Klammer, still a star well beyond his Carinthian home region, will be taking to the slopes with “normal” skiers as part of a new promotion. On three dates this winter, the skiing before 9 with Franz Klammer, will start at 6.45 at the valley station of the Kaiserburgbahn, where Klammer will be waiting for guests and will also accompany them to a warm-up breakfast. From 07.30 to 09.30 the programme features free skiing with Klammer on the World Cup slope. This will be followed by skiing enjoyment part two: an exclusive brunch with specialities from the Adriatic-Alps cuisine in the Klammerstubn, which was created in the Kaiserburg mountain restaurant in honour of the idol. The promotion, which admittedly only experienced skiers should join in, will be accompanied by ski guides and costs € 125 per person, including breakfast and brunch, as well as a two-hour ski pass.

Infos & Facts:

Dates for this winter:
Tuesday 16. January 2018
Tuesday, 06. February 2018
Tuesday, 20. February 2018

6:30am Meeting point is the valley station of the Kaiserburgbahn, where a quick breakfast is served
6:45am Ascent with the Kaiserburgbahn, exclusive skiing session with Olympic champion Franz Klammer
9:30 until approx. 11am mountain brunch with regional specialities at the Klammerstub´n

Costs: € 125,- per person including breakfast and brunch, as well as a two-hour ski pass.

For further information, please call: + 43 4240 / 8212 or mail: info@badkleinkirchheim.at 

ÖBB S´cool - the winter sports week

5 March - 11 March 2017
S´cool - the winter sports week is an exceptional ski school course concept that has been established for many years.

S'cool - the winter sports week

Full Metal Mountain Nassfeld

2 April to 8 April 2018
April 2018 – this is when the Full Metal Mountain brings Heavy Metal back to the mountains! At the Nassfeld, the biggest ski region of Kärnten, Austria, we will make the mountains rock again for one week.

We rock (almost) around the clock at various locations from the summit to the valley with international established rock acts and exciting new comers. You may select your accomodation according to your preferances among 3 different locations and start celebrating a winter vacation that has never been available before.

Full Metal Mountain

Other events that are well worth participating in or visiting are: Schlag das ASS on the Nassfeld – the longest ski race in the world (26/27 January 2018), the Weissensee Winter Triathlon (28 January 2018)......



Carinthian Events in summer

Carinthia is not only renowned for its scenic beauty with all the lakes and mountains, but has also earned itself a name internationally for a number of high profile sports and cultural events:

21.-24.06.2018 United World Games 

01.07.2018 Ironman www.ironmanaustria.com 
From the early morning hours, crowds of people are attracted by the demanding course of 3.8 km swimming, 180 km biking and 42.2 km running in the heart of Carinthia. Every year, more than 100,000 visitors cheer the iron triathletes to top performances.

06.07.2018 Fête Blanche www.feteblanche.at  www.thewhitenights.at 

12.07.-24.07.2018 World Bodypainting Festival bodypainting-festival.com/en/ 
Europe’s most colorful festival will take place in Klagenfurt. The World Bodypainting Festival is the biggest event of this artistry and inspires thousands of visitors every year.

14.07.2018 "Wenn die Musi spielt" summer open air
Stars and audience will be celebrating against the magical backdrop of the Nockberge – mountains. www.badkleinkirchheim.at 





14./15.07.2018 Grossglockner Berglauf
(Grossglockner mountain run) www.grossglocknerberglauf.at/en.html 

21.07.2018 Starnacht am Wörthersee (music show with international stars "Night of the Stars at Lake Wörthersee") www.starnacht.tv/woerthersee/ 

24.-26.08.2018 "Kärnten läuft"
Halbmarathon Velden-Klagenfurt www.kaerntenlaeuft.at/ 
A great atmosphere is guaranteed when thousands of runners take off simultaneously at the Schlosshotel in Velden. Along the track, viewers cheer at the participants – and this spirit is contagious!

04.-09.09.2018 European Bike Week 

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