Hiking with all senses along eleven Slow Trails in Carinthia

Enjoying nature and freedom again at last! Feeling the warming sun on your skin and delighting in warm bathing lakes in the mild climate of the "nearby South". 

People love walking along the shores of a lake. The open space created by the surface of the water and the mountain backdrop provide an atmosphere that can relax yet inspire. And this is where the eleven Carinthian Slow Trails come in. Relaxed paths with lakeside views, not more than 10 km in length and a max. 300 m difference in altitude.

Slow Trails Millstätter See

c Gert Perauer
Slow Trail Mirnock Millstaetter See

Mirnock Millstätter See

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Slowtrail Zwergsee in der Region Millstätter See


Silent paths and fabulous moor landscapes

One of the three Slow Trails at Lake Millstätter See has a long tradition as a path with special qualities. The 2.6 km circular route at the foot of Mystic Mount Mirnock, home to the legend of the Mirnock giant and his ill-fated love for a fisherman’s daughter, offers breathtaking views of Lake Millstätter See time and again. Locals have been drawn up onto this mountain for generations to enjoy the romance of its fascinating views and wonderful sunsets. The second trail at Lake Millstätter See – the Slow Trail Zwergsee – leads through the shade of chestnut- and pine tree forests, in the midst of which there is a little viewing platform, shaped like the bow of a ship. Anyone who stops and looks out across the dark blue lake, scattered with the white sails of boats, and allows their eyes to wander towards the rooftops of the art nouveau villas along the shores as they glisten in the sun, all the while listening to the sounds from the forest – they will find their thoughts slow down.

Lake Millstätter See Slow Trail ‘Southern Shore’, new as of last year, leads hikers closer to the mineral-rich water than any other. The path winds its way across 4.4 km from Seeboden, along the silent, natural shore, past hidden bays and sandy beaches. Lake Encounters® await you along the southern shore and its information boards tell you about life at the lake, boat architecture and fishing. What’s more, there are hammocks that invite you to relax at various secluded spots. 

Slow Trail Römerschlucht Wörthersee

The Slow Trail Römerschlucht at the Wörthersee distances itself somewhat from the pulsating life of the famous lake, and yet it remains within one’s reach. The 6.7 km long Slow Trail begins in the mysterious shadows of the Römerschlucht, whose stream ripples down into the valley over stones covered in moss. Having arrived at the highest point of the Römerschlucht, the landscape opens up and the now gentle forest track leads around the solitary Forstsee to the Veldener Aussicht, a front row seat for views into the turquoise green bay. In the distance you can see the Julian Alps.

Slow Trails Klopeiner See, Ossiacher See

Gert Perauer
Slow Trail Kitzelberg am Klopeiner See

Slow Trail Klopeiner See

Gert Perauer
Slow Trail Bleistätter Moor am Ossiacher See

Slow Trail Bleistätter Moor

Views of Europe’s warmest bathing lakes

One of South Carinthia’s most spectacular lookout points with a unique view – for all senses – can be found along the Slow Trail Kitzelberg at Lake Klopein. Its 3.5 kilometres lead placidly from the western shores of the lake, through the forest and up to the viewing platform on the Kitzelberg with the Kleinsee, Lake Turnersee and Lake Klopeiner See sparkling like mirrors at its feet, inviting you for a refreshing dip after the hike. Water temperatures regularly go above 28°C in summer, making Lake Klopeiner See Europe’s warmest bathing lake. The same goes for Lake Turnersee. 

Unique experience of culture and nature

The Slow Trail Bleistätter Moor at Lake Ossiacher See offers a unique experience of culture and nature, taking you through mystical moor landscapes and passed untouched shore passages, accompanied by views of the forested Ossiach Tauern mountain range and Gerlitzen Alpe. The trail begins at Domenig Steinhaus, which regularly hosts prestigious events, then leads along the promenade, passed various farms and on into the vast Bleistätter Moor. Spot the clouds reflected in the round ponds, let your gaze wander across the wide space from the observation towers and little bridges and succumb to the music of nature as dragonflies silently beat their wings, the water softly burbles and the reeds rustle in the wind. You can also combine this Slow Trail with a boat trip on Lake Ossiacher See.

Slow Trails Weissensee, Pressegger See

Slow Trail Weissensee

The 11.6 km long Weissensee, renowned for its fjord-like landscape, clear, turquoise blue depths of drinking water quality and as the only lake in Carinthia without a bypass road, offers the perfect Slow Trail scenario. The shore path leads along 8.8 km, with secluded bays and resting places, accompanied by the backdrop of the Gailtal Alps and with views of the proud Lienz Dolomites. You can opt to follow the trail from Neusach (Ronacherfels) to the eastern shore or the other way around and to combine it with a boat trip on the environmentally friendly "MS Alpenperle".

Slow Trail Pressegger See

The 5.8 km long Slow Trail at Lake Pressegger See winds its way through a dense reed belt, protectively framed by the Gailtal- and Carnic Alps. Attentive hikers will find water lilies, mare’s-tail and rare flora and fauna such as the great crested grebe or special types of dragonfly in this unique vegetation with up to three-metre-high reeds. From the slopes of the shores you can look out across the entire lake in all of its beauty. A dip is highly recommended at the end of the trail here too, with Lake Pressegger See being of the same drinking water quality as all of the mentioned lakes.

Slow Trail Afritzer See, Slow Trails Faaker See, Wernberg

Jörg Wunram
Slow Trail Afritzer See

Slow Trail Afritzer See

Region Villach Tourismus, Marc Horbal
Slow Trail Faaker See

Slow Trail Faaker See

The Slow Trail at Lake Afritzer See has been earning itself a reputation as one of the popular pleasure trails. At the feet of the Mirnock and Wöllaner Nock mountains, the idyllic trail leads 4.6 km through the biodiverse conservation area of Lake Afritzer See, home to more than 15 types of fish and crayfish. From the beginning of the trail at the south side of Seepark car park – easily recognisable by the entrance gate of crossed boat frames – all the way to Feld am See, hammocks and benches invite you to take a break at the most picturesque spots.

You will also find the two new Slow Trails Faaker See and Wernberg in the Villach region. The one at Lake Faaker See leads through the idyllic nature reserve and conservation area on the edge of Drobollacher Moor. Hikers are accompanied by views of the turquoise blue Lake Faaker See and the Mittagskogel mountain, its striking shape reminding of a volcano. The trail takes you across natural paths in places to free lake accesses on the peninsula or in Faak am See itself.

The new Slow Trail Wernberg also consists of natural paths in parts, leading from Wernberg Abbey and its attached agriculture and fishponds into an ornithologically interesting area – the Drauschleife. This special part of Carinthia’s main river the Drau provides a precious habitat for nesting birds and also for migrating species. A hammock invites you to rest, before following the narrow path to the viewing platform and back. A good pair of binoculars will be most welcome on this tour in particular. 

Those who embark on a Slow Trail in Carinthia and immerse themselves in the experience of nature with all senses are rewarded with rich impressions that can indeed become addictive.

You will find information on the individual Slow Trails on their respective regional websites as well as: www.kaernten.at/slowtrails/ 

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