Glistening ice in Carinthia

Once winter has began in Carinthia's vacation regions, the crystal clear swimming lakes transform themselves into shimmering smooth ice surfaces in which the snow-covered peaks of the mountains and the snow-covered forests reflect themselves.

Lake Weissensee

The Weissensee is the largest natural ice surface in Europe with 6.5 square kilometers and, on the basis of its elevation above sea level, it guarantees many sunny days. The 25 km long round course enjoys a good reputation and makes sure that you have the right of way, and, furthermore, the ice cover which is increasing daily for a happy and especially dangerless ice time in Carinthia.

Wolfgang Handler; Pixelpoint Multimedia Werbe GmbH

Steinthaler; Kärnten Werbung

Lake Weissensee

Lake Weissensee

Wolfgang Handler; Pixelpoint Multimedia Werbe GmbH

Wolfgang Handler; Pixelpoint Multimedia Werbe GmbH


Ice curling can be learned in a small Ice curling shooting school in Steindorf at the Ossiacher See, so that you will maybe shine at one or the other ice curling shooting competitions.

However, you can experience something totally different with ice tennis, ice climbing, ice surfing or ice golfing.

These trendy sports are offered to those who do not want to part with their dearest hobbies in the winter. At the Brenn- or Afritzersee one can, for example, enjoy ice tennis, of course on skates; ice waterfall climbing should however be enjoyed with caution, since courage and knowledge are asked for. In Austria only, ice surfing schools and surf fanatics are being taught how they can race even with little wind over the mirror smooth ice surfaces.

Crashes are by the way not known on the ice, because the ratio of one's own speed to the wind's speed can be optimally utilized. Thus you can see: the pallette of ice-winter sport possibilities is varied and can be best utilized in the Carinthian winter sport areas.

Ice skating lakes as smooth as glass
Lake Rauschelesee in the Keutschach valley of lakes, Lake Silbersee in the Villach region, Lake Brennsee in Feld am See or Lake Längsee, a natural jewel, Lake Pressegger See, Lake Turracher See or Lake Turnersee near Lake Klopeiner See invite families to enjoy ice skating in addition to their numerous other attractions.

The ice on Carinthian ice skating lakes is tested for stability by the Carinthian ice skating association before it is declared safe to skate on. 

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