Glistening ice in Carinthia

Once winter has descended upon Carinthia's holiday regions, the crystal clear swimming lakes transform into shimmering, smooth ice surfaces, which reflect the snow-covered mountains and forests that surround them.

Lake Weissensee

At 6.5 km², the Weissensee is Europe’s largest natural ice surface. Thanks to its elevation above sea level, it also guarantees many sunny days. The 25 km long course leading around the lake is well-maintained, ensuring you have a fun and safe ice skating experience in Carinthia.


Wolfgang Handler; Pixelpoint Multimedia Werbe GmbH
Eislaufen am Weissensee, der größten beständig zufrierenden und präparierten Natureisfläche Europas.

Steinthaler; Kärnten Werbung

Lake Weissensee

Wolfgang Handler; Pixelpoint Multimedia Werbe GmbH
Eislaufen am Weissensee

Wolfgang Handler; Pixelpoint Multimedia Werbe GmbH
Eislaufen am Weissensee mit der Familie

Eismarathon Weissensee

Those keen to learn ice curling should head to the small ice curling shooting school in Steindorf by Lake Ossiach. You might be so good at it you could take part in one of the competitions!

For something totally different, try ice tennis, ice climbing, ice surfing or ice golfing. These trend sports are on offer for those who do not want to part with their dearest hobbies in winter.

At the Brenn- or Afritzersee one can, for example, enjoy ice tennis - on skates, of course. Ice waterfall climbing is another option, but should be enjoyed with caution and guidance. And then there is ice surfing, with Austria the only place to have schools teaching surf fanatics how to race with even just a little wind across the frozen surfaces.

Crashes are very rare on ice, by the way, as one can utilize the ratio of one's own speed to that of the wind. So you see: there are countless ways to enjoy ice across the Carinthian winter sport areas.

Ice skating on lakes as smooth as glass
The Rauschelesee in the Keutschach valley of lakes, Lake Silbersee in the Villach region, Lake Brennsee in Feld am See or Lake Längsee - a natural jewel, Lake Pressegg, Lake Turrach and Lake Turner near the Klopeiner See all invite families to enjoy ice skating in addition to their numerous other attractions.

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