Discover Carinthia's "magical" nature at every turn

Let's go - nature on the sunny southern side of the Alps is waiting! Here in Carinthia, childhood memories are rediscovered and the desire for adventure reawakened amidst the picturesque scenery of mountains and lakes. There are 22 bookable nature experiences waiting to be explored together with Natur Aktiv Guides.

You can get in touch with Carinthia's nature with the 22 bookable "magic moments". These guided nature experience programmes lead to twelve exeptional conservation areas and provide unforgettable days on the southern side of the Alps. Whether on a romantic canoe trip, gliding along the river in step with the crystal clear water, or on an exciting glacier trek, where you can explore the deep blue crevasses of the Pasterze glacier at the foot of the Grossglockner, or on a golden sunrise hike up to the Falkert, where you can let your eyes wander along the glowing mountain slopes together with the southern sun. Experiences that can be found in Carinthia and are just waiting to be discovered and experienced.

Scythe mowing, Carinthian style

Scythe mowing, Carinthian style

Sharpening, whetting and grinding? If you don't know what these terms mean in connection with the magnificent flower carpets of Carinthia's alpine meadows, then you're welcome to ask the scythe teacher Thomas. Because on the scythe mowing course, he explains what it takes to have "a good cutting edge". So, when the scythe plows through the meadows with momentum and the grass lies at your feet in just a matter of moments, then you know you've done everything right. 


In the Nockberge Biosphere Reserve, visitors are also amply rewarded for the day's work. At the so-called "Måderjause", farmer Elisabeth serves her homemade specialities for an enjoyable end to a wonderful day in the Nockberge after the scythes have been hung back on their hooks.



Sörger Wasserfall

Sörger Wasserfall

How much nature is in you?

To be alone for a whole day and walk wrapped up in nature - this can be experienced in the Nockberge. We start with an adventurous orientation march, but the next challenge is already waiting for us as we arrive at the destination: A shelter must be built using only what the forest and meadow have to offer. But don't worry, you're not completely on your own, as a trained ranger will be happy to help.


Once that's done, it's time to make a fire so that the trout you've caught from the pond yourself can be grilled straight away. While eating together around the warming fire, it's suddenly becomes easy to talk and joke as nature and the shared experiences unite, creating very special moments.

How nature gets into the glass

This "magic moment" makes it "naturally" delicious. Christoph Höfer gives exciting insights into milk processing and his very special business philosophy. The organic farm is located high above the idyllic Lake Urbansee. A hike through forests and meadows at the foot of the Simonhöhe leads directly to a small mountain cheese dairy.


Here, dairy products from cow, sheep and goat are lovingly processed. Natural delicacies with names such as "Bunter Hund im Morgenland" (Best dog in the East) or "Beste Freundin ganz im Glück" (Best friend in good fortune) invite you to taste them.

Briskly through the Pöllatal Valley

The region of Katschberg and the Pöllatal Nature Reserve are on the list of "Magic Moments" for the first time. With its alpine pastures, gorges, peaks and bodies of water, it is a natural jewel that, this time, will be explored from the saddle of an e-bike.

The path meanders through an idyllic forest, passing glittering streams, peacefully grazing cows and picturesque clearings. At one of these inviting places, you can enjoy a picnic on the soft meadow grass. Apart from the cheerful chirping of the birds, nothing can be heard, because the Pöllatal is closed to motor traffic in summer to protect the rich flora and fauna.

Trögerner Klamm

The 22 "Magic Moments", which are offered from the beginning of May to mid-October, are selected examples of special nature experiences in Carinthia. Detailed information and intensive experience reports to read up on can be viewed at: 

Trained Natur Aktiv Guides can also be booked for individual tours. Suggestions and their favourite tours are revealed by the guides at: 

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