Maria Wörth/Reifnitz

On the southern shore of Lake Wörthersee are the popular holiday and excursion towns of Maria Wörth and Reifnitz. The municipality is known not only for its high-quality health establishments, but also above all for the pilgrimage church on the rocky peninsula.

As well as the main church festivals of Christmas and Easter, another high point of the annual church calendar is the fair held on 15 August (the Assumption of the Virgin Mary). The procession for the Virgin Mary with boats on Lake Wörthersee culminates here.

Around Maria Wörth there are numerous attractive hiking routes of different levels of difficulty, most of them with a fantastic panoramic view of Lake Wörthersee. Two especially popular hiking trails are the Wörthersee Circular Hiking Trail and the Carinthian Maria Pilgrimage Trail, which leads amongst other things to the pilgrimage church of St. Anna.

Golfers also get their money’s worth in Maria Wörth: in Dellach is the oldest golf club in Carinthia, where you can appreciate the wonderful views of Lake Wörthersee during your game.

Reifnitz is known beyond its borders for the GTI meet, which has been enticing fans of the German cult car to Lake Wörthersee since 1982.


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Maria Wörth

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