The oldest traditional event in Carinthia, and probably one of the most attractive, can be found in Weitensfeld: the Weitensfeld Kranzelreiten or wreath riding, which takes place every year at Whitsun.

In the 16th century the plague is said to have raged through Weitensfeld. Only three sons of burghers and one damsel were spared. The three men competed with one another, and the winner took the fair maiden for his wife. From this developed the wreath riding which is held every year. Legend says that if it did not take place one year, bad luck would befall Weitensfeld. Since 2016 this wreath riding has been part of the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.

Further features of the municipality include the Zammelsberg poets’ grove plaque and the Magdalenenscheibe window in the daughter church of St. Magdalena – a copy of the oldest glass painting in Austria.

Not to be missed in any event when visiting Weitensfeld: tasting the air-cured Gurk Valley bacon!

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