Austria’s highest swimming lake in the Alps lies at 930 metres above sea level, in the mist-free, sunny Weissensee high valley.

The Weissensee Nature Park is characterised by unspoiled nature, dense forests and the surrounding mountaintops. If you are looking for a very special way of enjoying nature, the perfect choice is to join a guided tour here, for example on the pleasure raft trip with wildlife researchers, which also includes a fish tasting.

In winter Lake Weissensee is transformed into Europe’s largest continuously frozen natural area of ice: the 6.5 square kilometres are a skaters’ playground that is as smooth as glass. At the end of January every year the Dutch 11-City Tour is held here – the world’s largest ice sport spectacle, with 3,000 active participants in skating marathons of 50, 100 and 200 kilometres. The largest traditional curling tournament in Europe is also staged here in January.


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