Völkermarkt is regarded as a paradise for active types who like to get sporty exercise. The urban municipality is surrounded by mountains, rivers and swimming lakes in the heart of nature.

A well-developed network of cycling and hiking trails can be found here. Tip: The Völkermarkt Cultural Cycle Path with a total length of around 40 kilometres offers not just glorious scenery, but also culturally interesting Neolithic settlements, graves of Nordic kings, and ruined castles and fortresses. Völkermarkt is also an ideal starting point for the Drau Cycle Path and the Via Carinzia cycling experience path.

The nearby Völkermarkt reservoir is a quiet spot which delights fishermen, rowers, canoeists and boaters alike!

The Völkermarkt Town Museum provides insights into the exciting history of the region, especially the events of the Carinthian defensive struggle and the Carinthian plebiscite of 1920.


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Stadtgemeinde Völkermarkt
Hauptplatz 1
9100 Völkermarkt
Tel.: +43 4232 2571 47
Fax: +43 4232 2571 28

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