The municipality of Stockenboi lies on Lake Weissensee, the highest swimming lake in the Alps.


The landscape is characterised by unique features: the rocky walls are similar to those in the far north of Europe, and there are endless-looking green and wooded areas, much to the delight of hikers, walkers, cyclists and mountain bikers.

The “Alpenperle”, Austria’s first hybrid electric passenger ship, glides in total silence across the waters of Lake Weissensee, with wonderful views of the scenery of the nature park.

And if you want to explore the beauties of the lake beneath the surface, be sure not to miss the “Dive-World Weissensee” diving school on the eastern shore. This is Austria’s first nature park diving school.


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Gemeinde Stockenboi
Kirchplatz 2
9713 Zlan
Tel.: +43 4761 214
Fax: +43 4761 214 15

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