St. Andrä im Lavanttal

The former bishop’s town of St. Andrä im Lavanttal is characterised by the pilgrimage and wedding church of Maria Loreto, which dates from the 17th century.

Maria Loreto was elevated to a basilica in 2014, and alongside Maria Luggau in the Lesach Valley it is the most important pilgrimage church of the Virgin Mary in Carinthia. St. Andrä has made a name for itself in the recent past as a crib town.

There is no shortage of leisure activities in the nearby surroundings: the Saualpe and Koralpe are excellently suited to hiking, while cyclists feel good on the numerous cycle trails, and during the summer the leisure facilities at Lake St. Andräer See are a popular meeting place.

From a culinary perspective, St. Andrä im Lavanttal is a very special place in Carinthia: not only is top quality asparagus grown here, but also the “Gackern”, a large festival to do with chicken and turkey, is held here annually. In addition, the Lavant Valley can look back over a 1,000-year history of fruit growing.

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Stadtgemeinde St. Andrä
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