The municipality of Ruden is famous for one thing in particular: bungee jumping from the 96-metre-high Jauntal Bridge, the highest railway bridge in Central Europe!

Only the brave in search of an adrenalin kick dare to make the jump with its breathtaking view. But if you are looking for something new to try, here you can also attempt vertical running (up a wall), hot rocket bungee (being catapulted 70 metres into the air with a pre-tensioned rubber rope) or the giant jungle swing, which swings at up to 45 kilometres an hour at a height of 70 metres.

Or if you prefer to take things more peacefully, Ruden not only has a connection to the Drau Cycle Path, but there are also various tours for leisure cyclists and mountain bikers as well as fishing facilities.


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Gemeinde Ruden
Obermitterdorf 30
9113 Ruden
Tel.: +43 4234 218
Fax: +43 4234 218 6  

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