Reichenfels, the northernmost place in the Lavant Valley, takes its name from the deposits of gold and silver which were mined here in the Middle Ages.

Today Reichenfels is no longer rich in gold and silver, but instead has a wealth of unspoiled nature, which offers recreation and the setting for a wide variety of activities.

A special feature of nature, and one that is unique in Austria, is the water of the Kölzer spring with its high calcium and iron content. You can follow the trail of this medicinal water on six spring trails, ranging in length from six to 24 kilometres.

Mountain bike routes of all levels of ability beckon for sporting activity, as do the Offner climbing walls and a riding stable. A visit to the solar-heated open-air swimming pool is recommended as an excellent way of freshening up.

The surrounding nature will inspire you to enjoy hikes across green alpine meadows, and there are plenty of opportunities for this, such as the Benedict Pilgrimage Trail, which also leads through the municipal area. In winter the programme of activities includes ski touring, snowshoe hikes, tobogganing, cross-county skiing, ice skating and downhill skiing in the nearby ski regions.

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