The historic municipality of Oberdrauburg is situated at the foot of the Hochstadel on an ancient Roman road. Several churches, historic buildings and archaeological finds indicate that Oberdrauburg already existed at the time of the Celts and Romans.


To the great joy of cyclists, the 366-kilometre-long Drau Cycle Path runs past this municipality, although it moves increasingly far away from the water from here.


Both beginners and advanced climbers can head for the heights on the rock face at the climbing centre in the middle of the town. And if you like things to be even more exciting, you should be sure not to miss the Pirknerklamm gorge at the foot of the Hochstadel. Whilst the via ferrata in the gorge is not too difficult, it is still an exciting challenge, the highlight being a thundering rainbow waterfall alongside which you can climb up the cliff.

A walking tip for hot days: the Silberbach stream with the Silberbach waterfall.


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