Moosburg is an insiders’ tip for guests and holidaymakers longing for peace and recreation, with the wide forests and meadows and wonderful scenery offering the ideal conditions for this.

If you are interested in culture and history, you can walk in the footsteps of the Carolingians and Emperor Arnulf, a Roman emperor and East Frankish king who lived from 850 to 899. The Emperor Arnulf Festival takes place in his honour in July every year. The festivities include a procession, craft market, live concerts, car show and much more. Today Moosburg Castle houses a hotel.

Moosburg is also a good choice as far as sport is concerned: there are attractive opportunities for playing golf (18-hole course with a 9-hole academy), Nordic walking, running and hiking.

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Marktgemeinde Moosburg
Kirchplatz 1
9062 Moosburg
Tel.: +43 4272 83400 
Fax: +43 4272 83400 33 

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