The National Park municipality of Malta is the midpoint of the Malta Valley, the “valley of rushing water”, named after its many waterfalls.

Airwalk auf der Kölnbreinsperre in Malta im Lieser-Maltatal

Airwalk Kölnbrein dam

Franz Gerdl; Kärnten Werbung
Klettern in Kärnten

Kärnten Werbung
Eisklettern in Kärnten


A number of trails alongside rivers, streams and waterfalls amidst the idyllic natural scenery offer attractive options for hiking. Worth seeing in all events is the Fallbach water adventure park with Carinthia’s highest waterfall (200 metres), a viewing platform, water and mud playground, sensory platform, fire circle, water maze, children’s climbing wall and much more.

An attraction in the region are the around 14-kilometre-long Malta High Alpine Road and the Kölnbrein dam, 2,000 metres above sea level. In no event should you miss a visit to the highest dam wall in Austria. If you want, you can also step onto the “Airwalk” glass viewing platform with a breathtaking view into the depths below. The reservoir is not only a popular destination, but also a good starting point for hiking tours.

In summer the Malta Valley is an inviting option for climbing on granite and gneiss (4 climbing walls), and in winter on ice. A variety of waterfalls that are easy to reach and safe from avalanches offer both beginners and professionals an extensive field of activity.


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