The RegionLesachtal is considered to be the most unadulterated valley in Europe, and is a member of the “Österreichische Bergsteigerdörfer” initiative, to which only valleys and villages which promote nature-based, sustainable tourism can belong.

All these places have their own character: Maria Luggau with its pilgrimage church is the religious centre of the valley and is the location of the mill trail, St. Lorenzen uses the Tuffbad medicinal spring, Liesing helps to keep the traditional way of life alive with the Alpenländische Volksmusikakademie, Birnbaum is the perfect starting point for hikes (amongst others to Lake Wolayersee), and St. Jakob is home to the Mussen “flower mountain”.

Along with the Gail Valley, the Lesach Valley belongs to the first Slow Food Travel Region in the world. Here everything happens in line with the motto “give yourself time for the nice and good things in life, and reflect on them”! For example, take time to bake bread: at a workshop you can patiently knead dough to make Lesach Valley bread by hand according to traditional recipes.

In winter the Lesach Valley offers active connoisseurs slopes deep in snow, picturesque winter landscapes and glorious white alpine meadows and summits: it is a paradise for ski tourers, cross-country skiers, snowshoe hikers and also for downhill skiers, far from the madding crowd.

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