The municipality of Lendorf is mainly known for one thing: the Teurnia Roman Museum. On the Holzer Berg in St. Peter in Holz, which was already inhabited in 1200 BCE, there is a well-preserved excavation site, where 1,600 years ago the Capitol of the Celtic-Roman town of Teurnia, the capital of the Roman province of Noricum, stood.

Here amongst other things you can see jewellery, weapons, tools, coins, the oldest episcopal church in Austria and a mosaic floor dating from 500 BCE.

A botanical feature of the Hühnersberg in Lendorf is the yellow alpine rose, a species that is unique in Austria and can only be found occasionally in Eastern Europe and to the south of the Black Sea. This miraculous flower, which is under a conservation order, blooms in May and June, and it is not clear even today how the plant came to Carinthia.



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