The most southerly place in the Lavant Valley, Lavamünd, lies at the point where the two rivers Lavant and Drau merge.

In summer people meet up at the natural swimming lake, which offers generously-sized green spaces and sunbathing areas, a water slide, beach volleyball and a campsite, or hiking in a varied landscape with wonderful panoramic views, such as on the Lavant Valley High Altitude Trail or the Southern Alps Panorama Trail. Professional climbers, on the other hand, are happy to succumb to the fascination of the climbing crag on the Dreifaltigkeitsfelsen. Lavamünd is also a paradise for cyclists, which is no surprise, as this is where the Lavant Cycle Path merges into the Drau Cycle Path. Mountain bikers also find challenging tours in the immediate proximity.

Lavamünd is a firm favourite with fishermen, and raft rides are also enjoying increasing popularity. On a raft trip from Lavamünd to Dravograd in Slovenia you can discover the river landscape from an entirely new perspective. If you do not just want to enjoy the natural surroundings, but also would like to learn something about them, you should visit the Lavamünd Geopath. The trail is around seven kilometres in length, and leads through woods and alongside meadows, with information about the different rock strata provided on ten information boards.

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