Irschen is known above all for its medicinal herbs and wild plants. The village’s sunny location and the southern alpine climate offer the perfect basis for growing herbs.


The air is filled with the scent of fresh flowers in gentle mountain meadows and intense herbs, so you can really feel at one with nature. The people of Irschen pass on their knowledge of how to use and process herbs and medicinal plants to the interested public during guided tours, seminars, presentations, and at the annual Irschen Herb Festival. At the Pfarrstadel herb centre the varied ways of using herbs are presented in the form of “experience islands”.

If you are looking for active or sporty fun, there are many options in and around Irschen: hiking, cycling, climbing or archery in the Upper Drau Valley Outdoor Park, diving in Lake Weissensee, or canoeing on the Drau, one of the most beautiful river landscapes in the southern Alps.


In winter, when the herbs are “sleeping” beneath the thick white blanket of snow, you can top up your reserves of energy again while cross-country skiing or on a snowshoe hike.



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