Gnesau is one of the 19 Carinthian Holzstraße, or “wood road”, municipalities, where you can spend a relaxed active or recreational holiday in a near-to-nature atmosphere.

The raw material wood is of particular importance here – 59 percent of the around 7,900-hectare municipal area is covered with forest. On the first Carinthian wood culture trail, which covers around five kilometres, interesting information about the indigenous wood species is conveyed by means of 20 display boards. You can also view centuries-old farmhouses, the first arboretum in Carinthia, intricate wooden figures, a miniature biotope, a bark hut, a mill and a herb garden.

In summer there are guided adventure walks for children. There are hiking trails and a well-developed network of mountain bike and cycle tracks available to active connoisseurs.


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Gemeinde Gnesau
Gnesau 77
9563 Gnesau
Tel.: +43 4278 271
Fax: +43 4278 826 15 

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