Globasnitz in Southern Carinthia is situated in an ancient settlement region with a long, historic past, and is assumed to have been settled during Celtic times.


The Hemmaberg, the Rosalia grotto with its medicinal spring and Elberstein Castle are cult sites and popular destinations. A total of five churches, a hospice and residential rooms dating from the 5th and 6th centuries have been uncovered on the Hemmaberg. The excavation site is accessible free of charge and marked with information boards. The small finds are on display in the Hemmaberg Juenna Archaeological Museum of Pilgrims in Globasnitz.

In the centre of the town there is a striking, fairy tale building – Elberstein Castle. The artist Johann Elbe has been doing building work on his romantic small castle with eleven towers since the start of the 1990s. Guided tours are possible by advance registration.


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Gemeinde Globasnitz
9142 Globasnitz
Tel.: +43 4230 310
Fax: +43 4230 630  

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