In no other town in Carinthia can visitors walk in the footsteps of the Middle Ages more atmospherically than in the castle town of Friesach.

Fortifications consisting of a town wall and water-filled moat, castle buildings, churches, monasteries and many small monuments of art make the town a unique overall work of art.

Even though Friesach arrived in the present day long ago, for some years a historical experiment has been underway, in which a medieval hill castle is being built using only medieval methods and the materials wood, stone, sand and lime, without using any modern resources and equipment. Visitors are able to go on guided tours of the area of around 4,000 m² and watch the craftsmen at work.

Friesach is also known well beyond the town boundaries because of its open-air theatre performances in the inner bailey of the castle. As well as comedies on the stage on the Petersberg, there are also special plays for children and an autumn theatre festival in the civic hall.


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