The old town of Althofen is situated on a small hill visible from far away – the look of this romantic ensemble is reminiscent of Tuscany.

From the historic town centre, there is a good view of the Krappfeld and the surrounding mountains, with their enticing walks and hiking trails.

A special tourism feature of the town is a treehouse in a 300-year-old lime tree, which can be booked as accommodation “for special occasions”.

Althofen is also a well-known health spa for the rehabilitation of sufferers from orthopaedic, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, cancer and lung disease.

An important son of the municipality is Carl Auer von Welsbach

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Stadtgemeinde Althofen
Hauptplatz 8
9330 Althofen
Tel.: +43 4262 2288 0
Fax: +43 4262 2288 33 

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