Toll Tower Winklern

A fascinating “World of Rock Crystals” awaits the visitors of Toll Tower Winklern.

Winklern mit dem Mautturm in der Nationpark-Region Hohe Tauern

Mautturm Winklern

The carefully selected exhibits delivering an unforgettable insight into the great world of crystals in Carinthia will amaze you. The “Tauernwurm” winds up the old tower symbolically watching over the rarities.

Tips: Selected gemstones and jewellery on the subject at our crystal shop. Recommendable circular hiking trail for the whole family “Kulturlandschaftsweg Winklern”.


Mautturm Winklern
9841 Winklern 47
Tel.: +43 4822 227-20  oder
Toll Tower Winklern

Opening hours

May to October

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