Heated lakeside pools

Anyone who would like to bathe in Carinthia’s lakes during winter can do so not only during the New Year’s swim in Velden am Wörthersee but also in the heated hotel lakeside pools at Lake Millstätter See’s Hotel Kollers, Lake Wörthersee’s Seefels castle hotel and Lake Turracher See’s Hotel Hochschober on the Turrach.

At these plasces you can combine lake wellness at a comfortable water temperature with breath-taking views of the lakes, even in winter. Sweat it out in a sauna with a view of Carinthia’s lakes and mountains and then take a brisk cool-off dip in the lake; it awakens tired spirits and strengthens the body and immune system.

Wellness hotels

It’s not only the heated lakeside pools that invite guests to relax; there are also numerous wellness hotels with excellent spa areas and lake saunas directly by the lake. Hotel Feuerberg on the Gerlitzen has a 25-metre-long infinity pool that offers a breath-taking view of the Carinthian mountain panorama. Hotel Ronacher (5*S) in Bad Kleinkirchheim pampers its guests with a 4500m2 sauna facility, five different thermal baths and big relaxing areas. The Daberer eco-hotel in the Gailtal Valley has followed the ‘eco’ concept since 1978 and, along with a new wellness facility, offers plenty of space to rejuvenate. The hotel Enzian at lake Weissensee offers probably one of the most beautiful lake saunas in whole Carinthia. The Tuffbad alpine wellness hotel is another option; guests can find absolute peace at 1,200 m above sea level in the Carinthian Lesachtal Valley.  


Even the loveliest winter has to end at some time. But in Carinthia, it doesn’t end before one special thing happens: while the snow melts, the Maibachl spring in Warmbad Villach begins to bubble. Two pools have formed near the main spring where visitors can bathe in the warm thermal water that reaches up to 28°C. The water has a healing effect on heart and circulatory diseases and osteoporosis. The Maibachl was declared a natural landmark in 2005.

There are additional indoor pools for indoor winter bathing in Klagenfurt, Spittal, Heiligenblut, Kötschach-Mauthen, Mallnitz and St. Veit.

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