Slow Food Carinthia:

With its Slow Food initiative, Carinthia is following a new path of sustainability and conscious enjoyment. The use of seasonal, regional ingredients lies at the core, as does the production and refinement of homemade products.

What began as the world’s first Slow Food Travel Destination in Gailtal and Lesachtal three years ago is slowly being embraced by the entire country. Rediscovering old recipes, creating culinary treasures in harmony with nature, producing sustainable products and sitting down to enjoy them together - Slow Food Carinthia is allowing couscious enjoyment to flourish in every valley, village and tavern.

Brot backen im Lesachtal

Johannes Puch ; © Kärnten Werbung
Slow Food Kärnten

A culinary journey of discovery

Sincere hosts are happy to share the names of their favourite local manufacturers with you, pass on their knowledge of where the best products come from, and allow you a look into the kitchen. Here you will find fish straight from the Carinthian lakes, fresh milk from the farmer next door, tasty alpine cheese, fragrant bacon and vegetables from the surrounding area.

Slow Food Carinthia is a union of commited partners, passoniate about promoting healthy, mindful food.

Slow Food experiences

Experience what Slow Food Travel is all about in Gailtal and Lesachtal, where old traditions and genuine craftmanship are held high. Special experiences and Slow Food trips allow a look over the shoulder: baking bread, producing cheese, making traditional “Kärntner Käsnudel“, sampling homemade ice-cream from a farm, brewing beer and being there when beekeepers harvest the golden honey.

Wolfgang Hummer; Slow Food Travel Alpe Adria Kärnten
Slow Food Kärnten - Honig

Wolfgang Hummer; Slow Food Travel Alpe Adria Kärnten
Slow Food Kärnten - Kochschule

One region – one marketplace

The relationship between local producers and establishments can be witnessed every day in Central Carinthia. High-end manufacturers, fair-minded caterers, agricultural holdings, authentic craftsmen, dedicated winegrowers, beer brewers and creative refiners: a total of 45 businesses have come together to create Marktplatz Mittelkärnten – for those who love nature and love to indulge.

The rise of the bread craftsmen

Carinthia is the first Austrian province in which ten master bakers have united as “The Bread Craftsmen“. They stand for really good bread, take time to produce it, use regional ingredients and bake bread the old way with natural sourdough.

A look ahead: Slow Food Villages and Slow Food Schools


Further Slow Food projects are currently in the making. Traditional village life is revived in so-called Slow Food Villages. Food producers such as bakers or butchers, and local farms or rustic inns where the products are refined, uphold the Slow Food philosophy.

In Slow Food Schools and Nurseries, the value of regional produce is passed on to children and teens, who develop a healthy diet and understanding of where their food comes from.



Kulinarik Kärnten - Essen am See
Edward Gröger; © Kärnten Werbung

Take time to enjoy

You will find culinary specialities in every corner of Carinthia, see the awareness of regional produce in every smile, experience rural crafts up and close come to understand why seasonality plays such a big role. Respecting nature and its resources, promoting sustainability and maintaining the regional variety are of importance here, and Carinthian people take the time for it. And this is the time you should take for a trip to Carinthia – the time to enjoy.

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