St. Paul im Lavanttal

St. Paul im Lavanttal is known for one thing above all: the imposing Benedictine abbey in which monks still live today with the task of “ora et labora”.

Their activities range from ministry and teaching in the abbey’s own grammar school to holding seminars and caring for guests and pilgrims visiting the abbey.

The art collection, with works by Rubens, Holbein, Van Dyck and Kremser Schmidt, is one of the most valuable private collections in Austria, which ranges from works by medieval goldsmiths and manuscript collections to treasures of the Renaissance. In addition, every year special exhibitions on selected topics are presented. The Baroque and herb garden with its adjoining cafe is also worth visiting.

The Lavant Valley is a region of enjoyment, and St. Paul is the place for celebrations of anything and everything to do with cider. The activities here were initiated to stimulate and present the local fruit processing, and as a quality assurance institution. The centre of the cider activities is the Zogglhof, where seminars regularly take place on the distillation of spirits and the production of apple wine, liqueur and vinegar.

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