Bleiburg, a town bordering on Slovenia, is known to culture lovers beyond the national border thanks to the Werner Berg Museum, the Freyung Fountain designed by Kiki Kogelnig, and the lively activities of local associations.

As well as institutions steeped in history and cultural monuments, there are also attractive leisure facilities, such as the Bleiburg open-air adventure pool against the glorious backdrop of the Petzen and Bleiburg Castle, or the art cycle path, where Carinthian culture blends with the natural landscape. The nearby Lake Klopeiner See provides swimming and water sport fun, while mountain bikers find what they’re looking for on the Flow Country Trail on the Petzen.

Inns, taverns and restaurants embody the Southern Carinthian hospitality.

The people of Bleiburg know how to celebrate festivals, and have done so for more than 600 years. The Bleiburger Wiesenmarkt, the largest and oldest fair in Southern Carinthia, has taken place in September every year since 1393.


Franz Gerdl; Kärnten Werbung
Flow Country - Petzen

Flow Country Trail

Pestsäule am Hauptplatz in Bleiburg


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