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<p>Carnica Region Rosental, Drauradweg</p>
Gert Steinthaler; Kaernten Werbung

To-do list Summer 2020

1. Ditch the (rental) bike after 35 kilometres.
2. Ten lakes in one go? The new "Big Carinthian Lake Loop“ makes this possible.
3. Drau Paddle Route
4. Shop, indulge and be amazed! The Marktplatz Mittelkärnten is a collaboration of 45 businesses
5. All-season trail.
6. Bathing as in times gone by - Karlbad and Nockalmstraße. ...

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Alpe Adria Trail Millstaetter Alpe
Millstaetter Alpe

10 easy hiking tours

From the mountain to the alpine hut

Forget the gym when you arrive in Carinthia: alongside swimming, hiking is one of the key activities here. 74 percent of guests head out into the Carinthian countryside and 49 percent are families. Everyone wants to have a good meal at the end. Here are the ten best family-friendly hiking tours that will take you across Carinthia.

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<p>Magische Momente Sommer, Wolitzenalm</p>
Franz Gerdl; Kärnten Werbung
<p>Magische Momente Sommer, Wolitzenalm</p>

"Magic Moments" as guided day programmes

18 incredible outdoor experiences across 11 Carinthian nature reserves

Summer takes hold of the Carinthian lakes and mountains like a warm hand. Austria’s southernmost province has its prettiest summer dress on with extra special nature experiences in store for 2020. 18 "Magic Moments" can be booked across 11 Carinthian nature reserves within this picture book setting, leading guests back to the basics and into a world of wonder under expert guidance. Far from mass tourism, man and nature become one. Here are three highlights of the programme that runs from May to September.

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Wandern Bad Kleinkirchheim
Franz Gerdl; Kärnten Werbung

Family Holiday? Carinthia!

Holidays are at their best when everyone is happy. When it comes to family holidays, Carinthia has long been a fine example. It goes without saying that outdoor activities and experiences are family-friendly in Austria’s sunny south. This is a place where parents will have as much fun and find as many challenges as their children. See for yourself, with our 7plus1 Tip Package for adventurers and those who like to try something new, nature freaks and young scientists, daredevils and anyone who loves the great outdoors.

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Schiff ahoi - Geschmack der Kindheit
Tine Steinthaler; Kärnten Werbung
Family holiday

Carefree family holidays in Carinthia

Reliving your own childhood memories with the kids

Playing hide and seek in an enormous haystack or walking across gentle mountain tops. Watching the sun go down or tucking into a spontaneous picnic by the lake.

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Käseherstellung mit Familie Zankl im Käsehof St. Daniel
Wolfgang Hummer; Slow Food Travel Alpe Adria Kärnten
Slow Food for Carinthia

Carinthian Cuisine 2020

Regional products and local producers are the stars "Conscious enjoyment" - Slow Food takes Carinthia by storm.

What began as the world’s first Slow Food Travel Destination in the Gailtal and Lesachtal valleys some years ago has now taken hold of the entire province. Slow Food Carinthia is an alliance of dedicated partners who are committed to a healthy and conscious food culture, looking to follow a new path of sustainability and worthwhile enjoyment.

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Franz Gerdl; Kärnten Werbung
Kärntner Käsnudel

7 typical Carinthian dishes you simply have to have tried!

1. Kärntner Nudeln (Carinthian pasta pockets) are undoubtedly the peak of Carinthian cuisine. Thin pasta dough is filled with a mixture of crumbly curd cheese, potatoes, mint and chervil. Each pocket is "crimped" around the edges (called "krendeln" in German) to ensure it does not come unsealed when cooking. Kärntner Nudeln are traditionally served with melted butter or crispy crackling.

2. Fish from Carinthia 3. Reindling 4. Carinthian asparagus 5. Kärntner Jause....

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Buchtenwandern am Millstätter See
Millstätter See

Water sports come in all shapes and forms in Carinthia

13 times active fun in and on the water

Lakes, rivers, streams and springs: water can be found everywhere on the sunny southern edge of the Alps. In Carinthia, Austria’s southernmost province, this element can probably be experienced with more diversity than anywhere else. From swimming to paddling, from fishing to savouring – what a voyage of discovery!

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Franz Gerdl

New Drau Paddle Route stages open

Carinthia’s longest and largest river, the Drau, winds its way through Austria’s southernmost province like a green ribbon. As a local recreational river it has been delighting both residents and guests for many years with the Drau Cycle Path, which leads from Toblach in South Tyrol to Varaždin in Croatia. And yet the Drau is not just a breathtaking backdrop for leisure cyclists, but also for paddlers in kayaks, canoes or on stand-up paddle boards.

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Seenschleife Woerthersee Girls
Tine Steinthaler
Carinthian Lake Loop

Carinthian Lake Loop

A 340-kilometre cycle tour to the most beautiful lakes in Austria’s southernmost province.
The pure joy of cycling: Travelling light by bike through Austria’s sunny south – past blue and turquoise lakes, embedded in the dreamlike hill and mountain landscape on the border to Italy and Slovenia. 

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Radfahren am Weissensee
Edward Gröger; Kärnten Werbung
Cycling for pleasure

Cycling for pleasure on the sunny southern side of the Alps

In Carinthia, the bikes can be safely unpacked in spring. The mild, sunny climate makes an excursion by bike possible even when the mountains are still fit for sunshine skiing. When it comes to cycling for pleasure, there are more than enough possibilities on offer - alone, with friends or with the whole family: routes such as the 5-star ADFC-certified Drau cycle path, the Via Carinzia in the sunny corner of Carinthia, the Five Lake route or the Alpe-Adria cycle path, which leads from Salzburg via Carinthia to the Adriatic Sea, guarantee intensive experiences in the midst of a unique landscape of mountains and lakes.

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Aussichtsplattform Kitzelberg Slow Trail Klopeiner See
Franz Gerdl
Slow Trails: Kitzelberg

Slow Trails in Carinthia: paths that inspire

People love walking along the shores of a lake. The open space created by the surface of the water, the varying shapes of the mountain backdrop against the horizon, the gentle lapping of the waves, the scent of the flora and fauna that surrounds: this combination creates an atmosphere that can relax yet inspire. The new  Slow Trails, within view of six of the loveliest Carinthian lakes, have been designed to clear the head, set spirits free and sustainably wind down. 

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