Weather today, 18. March 2019

wind in exposed higher regions: N up to 40 kmph
In the morning often snowfall, just regional it is still raining. In the afternoon better weather. Cold.

tomorrow, 19. March 2019

wind in exposed higher regions: North up to 30 kmpg
Many clouds in the sky but dry, still cold.

Wednesday, March 20

Fog patches disappear soon, then bright sunshine. In the early morning cold.

Thursday, March 21

Bright sunshine. After a frosty morning milder again through the day.

Friday, March 22

Sunny and dry spring weather continues.

Saturday, March 23

Sunny and mild weather is expected.

Sunday, March 24

Slowly more clouds appear but staying dry and partly sunny.

18.03.2019 - 16:49 - Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG) - The weather experts in Carinthia